CIAG Careers, Information Advice and Guidance

We provide young people in-care and leaving care, who are not in education, employment or training with:

We encourage young people to gain accreditation whilst working with us and can provide a wide ranging variety of courses through Ascentis and AQA.

We also work with Children in Care who are in Year 11 who are in schools across Cornwall. This structured programme provides careers advice and guidance in their own school and young people will achieve a Level 1 “Preparation for work” accreditation.

A referral to CIAG can be made by completing the first contact form on the website

Drop in sessions

Our regular Wednesday drop in sessions in St Austell are going from strength to strength. They are for care experienced young people who are not in education, employment or training and aim to help young people to move closer to getting into employment. 

Sessions include developing interview skills, CV writing, making informed decisions, what are employers looking for, job choices, life skills, relationship building skills and we have lots of fun. 

We also cook together and try new recipes and foods.

You can gain an accreditation which is an important part of what we do at the drop in. Seven young people have achieved the “Understanding Self for Personal Development” accreditation this year and are moving on to “Preparation for employment”.

A personal advisor is also on hand to offer support and answer any questions you may have.

STOP PRESS – a Drop In is starting in Penzance in June 

A day in the life of a Careers Information Advice and Guidance Worker at Carefree

9.30am As I start a new day in the careers team at Carefree, my first task is to check my e-mails since I was last in, wow 30 emails! Go through these and reply to people and make note of any interesting information and events coming up. 

10am I have an online meeting with other professionals. Unmute and video on to participate and then as soon as the speaker starts everyone gradually turns their videos off. Why is that? As we go round the introductions, one person inevitably speaks whilst on mute whilst everyone reminds them ‘you’re on mute!’. Thankfully, it wasn’t me this time!

11.30am Visit with a young person. It’s our first meeting and they’ve chosen to meet up at their home. I explain the Skills Your Way programme and listen to the young person’s interests and goals. We complete some paperwork together to get them signed up to the careers programme so we can offer them 1-1 support. I provide some career guidance on the areas they’re interested in and ways of reaching their goals. Then we work out an action plan together and agree to meet next week. 

12.30pm Lunch!

1pm Phone call to a young person to organise our next meeting and talk about some course information. Unfortunately, the young person isn’t answering but I’ll try again another day. I make some calls and reply to e-mails instead.

1.30pm I meet with a very nervous young person going to their first job interview. They do brilliantly and they’re offered the job! We speak about how we can plan transport and anything else they might need to make it all go smoothly. They’re happy for me to link in with their other support workers too. Various calls made and they’re all set to start on Monday. That’s made my day!

2.30pm This is the end of my working day as I’m part-time. I check the plan for tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it.