Richard Grant

What do you do in your role as a trustee at Carefree? 

I’m deputy chair of the trustees.

What do you like about being a trustee at Carefree?

I’ve been with Carefree since the very early days when it started and seen it grow from a small group of friends,  to the amazing organisation it is now.

I know that Carefree works well and I like being part of something that provides support, builds confidence gives and a voice to young people at what for many is a difficult time in their lives.  

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

I’m retired and, along with my wife,  spend a great deal of time working on renovating a house which never seems to end, along with maintaining a large garden. I sing in a choir and when Covid isn’t around we perform at different places.  I also enjoy walking in the beautiful Cornish countryside.

We have a large family spread around the UK and abroad and I enjoy visiting, when possible and keeping up with the lives of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.