Tips and advice for managing the cost of living crisis

In May 2022, the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, announced measures to help people deal with soaring energy bills. 

Below is a list of sources of help you cope with the rising cost of living. If you are struggling speak to your Personal Advisor who will be able to offer you support and advice.

Energy saving tips 

A website that lays out what help may be available and includes a benefit calculator

2 sites that give really straightforward advice on reducing energy bills

4 cheap ways to save energy at home

Help with energy bills

Households will get £400 of support with their energy bills through an expansion of the energy bills support scheme. This replaces the £200 announced earlier this year. The £400 payment will now be made as a grant, and will not be recovered through higher bills in future years. Households with meters will get the support over six months from October 2022. Direct debit and credit customers will have the money credited to their account.

Benefit Payments

Households on means-tested benefits will receive a payment of £650 this year, made in two instalments. This includes all households receiving any of the following benefits:

The Department for Work and Pensions will make the payment in two lump sums – the first from July, the second in the autumn. 

Payments from HMRC for those on tax credits only will follow shortly after each payment to avoid duplicates. 

You will need to be getting one of these benefits, or have begun a claim which is later successful, as of 25 May 2022 to be eligible for the first of the two instalments.

Phone and broadband charges

Ofcom has warned that millions of households could be missing out on a £144 a year. Special discounted broadband packages – sometimes known as ‘social tariffs’ – are available to an estimated 4.2million households getting universal credit for example. But only 55,000 homes have taken advantage of these discounted rates so far – just 1.2% of those eligible.

Check with broadband suppliers to see what they can offer.