Rebecca Booth

What do you do at Carefree?

I am a 16+ Personal Advisor. I work with young people aged 16-25 and support them through the difficult time of transitioning to adulthood and preparing to live independent lives.

What do you like about working at Carefree?

I like that both my smaller PA team and the wider Carefree Team are full of passionate and knowledgeable people who are always willing to help one another. I also like that we are not rigid and that we our responsive to changing environments, if something is no longer working the team are always open to exploring what can be done differently. 

I especially like working with the young people I do, building relationships with them and helping them achieve positive outcomes.

Can you say a bit about your past experience and qualifications?

Before I was a PA, I spent 5 years studying at university. I did my foundation degree in Law before progressing to a final year of Psychology studies. I then completed a MSc in Psychology at Plymouth University. 

I became passionate about working with young people in the final year of my undergraduate degree, and in the second year of my Masters I focused on voluntary work in this area, before coming to work for Carefree in November 2020. 

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 

My favourite thing to do alone is go to the gym. I also like to make time to see my friends and go for dinners, walks, hot chocolates etc. When I am at home I enjoy watching movies with my family, we love the cinema, our favourites are usually something Marvel, though me and my daughter are big Harry Potter fans (I even have a replica of Hermione Grangers wand). I also enjoy baking on the odd occasion, though if I can avoid doing the cooking, I will!