Carly Pyle

What do you do at Carefree?

I am a Personal Advisor

What do you like about working at Carefree?

I love working for Carefree as our ethos is ‘ To give young people in and leaving care the chance to do things for themselves and others’ and this is exactly what the whole team at Carefree strive to do. Through their teamwork, individual workshops and projects we always keep the young person at the centre of our work.

Can you say a bit about your past experience and qualifications?

I am a care experienced adult myself which has given me an insightful experience which can offer understanding to the young people I work with myself. I am level 2 & 3 qualified to work with horses as this is my passion and what I pursued after school, however I am now a qualified youth worker and currently undertaking my exams to become a qualified 16+ personal advisor also.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 

When I am not working I enjoy horse riding and being around horses as my main hobby, I also love exploring and myself and my dog Tweed enjoy going on new adventures. I enjoy socialising with friends and I feel this is very important to keep on top of, especially after the lockdowns during covid-19. I also dabble with photography, but this is very much still at beginner level – but I do enjoy it.