Carefree is delighted to be receiving funding from Cornwall Council for a new project called Multiply. This project helps care-experienced young people without GCSE or Level 2 maths to develop their number skills and discover new confidence in their maths ability.

Maths is a subject can often be challenging at school, but it is a skill we all need to use in our daily lives. However, with the right support, it is possible to overcome the barriers and the fear that many of us have and become more confident and positive about numbers.

Young people involved in Multiply discover that by taking part in group activities and fun challenges, or by receiving individualised encouragement, they can improve their confidence with numbers, practise the skills they already possess, and rise to new challenges. They discover the hidden maths they use daily and realise that playing with maths can be fun!

After taking part in a group or working individually with a Carefree worker, some young people feel confident enough to sign up to an Adult Education GCSE or Level 2 maths course which opens up new jobs, training, and education opportunities for them.

So how can you get involved, boost your number confidence, and discover that maths isn’t so scary after all?

If you are care-experienced, over 19, and don’t yet have GCSE or Level 2 Functional Skills maths, you can:

For further information, an informal chat, or some friendly advice, please call Karen Stephens on 07821 659899, or email her at [email protected]