Planet Carefree and Carefree TV Film Premier

On Tuesday afternoon, Carefree Cornwall hired The Regal Cinema, Redruth for the premiere of their incredible 2023 films. The young people have worked hard to write, produce and star in 3 different films to be used for befriending new care-experienced young people and for highlighting the importance of being able to access cultural and creative spaces.

‘Planet Carefree’ shows (David Attenborough documentary style) the challenges faced by care-experienced young people when visiting cultural spaces such as museums and galleries. With great thanks to Cornwall Museums Partnership for their generosity and openness to the young people and their ideas, thoughts and opinions. The young people felt listened to and valued throughout the whole film-making process and have been fantastic at expressing how it is for them when tackling new experiences.

Jonny Welch, local theatre-maker and director, supported the young group of 11 to 17 year olds to create an hilarious film, Carefree TV, which perfectly captures the positive relationships, fun and laughter that we all have (workers as well!) as part of the Carefree family. These brilliant films wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of time and energy from so many incredible creatives. Thank you everyone!