‘Out of Silence’ Drama Project

For 10 weeks 8 young people from Carefree Cornwall met at the Royal Cornwall Museum. Working with theatre practitioner Tori Cannell and Carefree youth workers they formed their drama group; “Out of Silence”. They explored what heritage and culture means to them, through creative games and drama. Their explorations were inspired by the people, stories and objects that have significance for them.

We played games, were silly and had fun, we did drama, acting, singing, performing on the stairs, falling down the stairs, mini scenes, improvisation, went backstage at The Hall for Cornwall theatre. We had the museum to ourselves to explore, met actors, dancers, artists and talked to them about their work. We have made a good bond with people, been inspired and made friends. Thank you for all the fun, imagination, creativity, bravery, support and friendship you gave to one another.

“It makes me happy because I get to see my friends that I have made and I feel like it helps my confidence as well as I can barely do things in front of people in other places”

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