Creative Carefree

At Carefree we love to explore different arts and cultural experiences together. This means doing group activities that involve things like music and spoken word, drama, creative writing, art and design, craft, and movement. If you join Carefree you will have the opportunity to visit lots of different places like heritage sites, galleries and theatres and enjoy watching live shows and performances. You will have the chance to meet and work alongside professional arts makers and plan arts events for other young people. 

About Creative Carefree

Getting involved in arts and cultural activities is really important for all of us. They can be a great way to discover your local area and meet new friends. Learning a creative skill can also be great for our wellbeing and mental health. 

We deliver accreditations such as the Arts Award so you will have the chance to gain a valuable qualification while developing and sharing your arts skills. And for those of you who are really keen, there is also the chance to train as a Carefree ‘Arts Leader’ which is where selected young people become positive peer role models within our arts programme.  

Our creative industries are the third largest employer in Cornwall. You may be interested in learning more about careers in the arts and cultural industries or doing some volunteer work with our many arts and culture partners. All of this is possible at Carefree and we are here to support you in all your art interests.

Take a listen to some of the music young people at Carefree have created here:

Get Involved

If you are 17 and under, you can join one of our Entry programmes, meeting others who are care experienced,
having fun, getting support and having a say about Cornwall’s care system

If you are a care leaver, you can refer yourself to our range of activities, including art workshops,
outdoor activities and events like our annual Care Leaver conference.

Get in touch via our contact form, email [email protected] or call 01209 204333